Turn-Key Design Service
Turn-key design service is perfect for clients who prefer to leave their projects to the experts. Our interior designers will evaluate the scope of your project and for an agreed-upon flat fee, can oversee your renovation from start to finish. This crucial assistance allows home and business owners to achieve a seamless design concept with a controlled budget and timeline. Our team will organize as much or as little of the process as our client desires.

Our interior designers in Los Angeles collaborate and consult with clients at a number of stages during a project, dependent upon their needs, including the following:

At the programming stage of a project, the experts at Caisson Studios can work with our clients to determine:
• Design aesthetic
• Overall budget
• Needs and project constraints
• Site measure

Conceptual Design
Our interior designers can provide the conceptual design for a project, using our 3-D modeling program and incorporating our knowledge of space planning to maximize the functionality of the renovation.

Design Development
The team at Caisson Studios also works closely with our customers to revise the conceptual design according to their feedback, to ensure that the final product matches their vision. Clients can also play a large role in materials selection at this stage, including furniture, finishes and equipment.

Construction Documents
Our interior designers provide the following plans to ensure proper execution of every design project:
• Construction Details
• Finishes Plan
• Floor Plan
• Lighting Plan
• Millwork Details

When undertaking any construction project, hiring the right contractor is a key element that can affect the overall quality of the renovation as well as the budget. Caisson Studios is experienced in preparing bid documents and evaluating bids with the client's needs and budget in mind.

Purchasing and Expediting
Our expert team can coordinate with vendors to ensure that materials purchased are to the customer's specifications and are delivered in a timely, organized manner throughout the course of the project.

Site Visit
Our interior designers can also visit the job site at various stages of construction to ensure that the project is running smoothly and on-budget.

Caisson Studio’s comprehensive approach
Whenever we begin a turn-key project, our goal is to ensure the timely execution and seamless translation of the design concept into a real space. We have experience in both commercial and residential renovations and will work within your vision and budgetary guidelines to achieve fantastic results. To inquire about our turn-key design service in Los Angeles or learn more about Our portfolio for a specific project, contact us at 818 849 5539 or by filling out our online form today!
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